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Image of Viperlash
Race Warp stalker (Beast)
Level 95 Elite
Health 409,409
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Gul'rok, Talador [37.6, 74.9]
Status Killable

Viperlash is found at [37.6, 74.9] inside a cave in southeastern Gul'rok. The warp stalker has killed a number of Gorebound Beast-Tamers, and one of the two outside has this to say on approach:

Gorebound Beast-Tamer says: There's no way I'm going back in there. Did you see what it did?

Heedless of the beast-tamer's concerns, walk on in anyway (after killing the two beast-tamers for good measure), kill Viperlash, and the Bonechewer Spear will appear. Loot it to getthe Warpstalker-Scale Grips and 20-30 [Garrison Resources].

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