Viscous Horror

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For the companion pet, see  [Dark Quivering Blob].

MobViscous Horror
Image of Viscous Horror
Race Ooze (Aberration)
Level 93 Elite
Health 5,931,463
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Saurok Creation Pit, Throne of Thunder
Status Killable
Main article: Primordius


  • Spell yorsahj bloodboil black.png  Black Blood Tank Alert Heroic Difficulty — The Viscous Horror spreads its mutated blood to its current target, inflicting 20,000 Nature damage every 3 sec and causing the afflicted player's attacks to coat the enemy in Black Blood, inflicting 20,000 additional Nature damage to Primordius. This effect lasts 60 sec and stacks.
  • Inv misc slime 02.png  Deadly Mutagen Heroic Difficulty Deadly — If a Viscous Horror gets close to Primordius, the mixture of mutative energies will cause it to explode, inflicting 999,998 Nature damage to all players.

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