Vizier Jin'bak

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BossVizier Jin'bak
Image of Vizier Jin'bak
Gender Male
Race Mantid (Humanoid)
Level 91 - 92 Elite
Resource Mana
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Sik'thik
Location Siege of Niuzao Temple
Status Killable

Vizier Jin'bak is the first boss of Siege of Niuzao Temple.


Adventure Guide

Vizier Jin'bak roams just beyond the mantid's natural bridge, collecting the tree root's precious sap. Using his vast alchemical knowledge, this formidable being is transforming the substance into weapons and other tools that will help advance the siege on Niuzao Temple.

Spells and Abilities

  • Spell yorsahj bloodboil yellow.png  Sap Puddle Important — The Sap Puddle grows over time, inflicting 4000 Shadow damage over 1 sec to enemies who touch it. Touching the Sap Puddle causes it to shrink in size.
  • Spell yorsahj bloodboil yellow.png  Sap Residue — Touching the Sap Puddle causes the Residue to attach. Sap Residue inflicts 4000 Shadow damage over 1 sec. The effect stacks.
  • Summon Sap Globule — Summons three Sap Globules from the tree. Sap Globules will try to congeal with the Sap Puddle, increasing its size.
    • Sap Globule — Sap Globules try to congeal with the Sap Puddle, increasing its size.
  • Spell nature wrathv2.png  Detonate Deadly — The Resin Harvester attempts to detonate the Sap Puddle, inflicting damage based on the size of the Sap Puddle.


Tank Vizier Jin'bak near the middle of the room.

DPS needs to move in to the puddle to lower it's size, do not stand too long in it.

Kill the 3 Sap Globules that spawn before they reach the pool, if they do they will expand the pool and increase the damage you take from the detonation.


Item Type
Normal Heroic
 [Hood of Viridian Residue]  [Hood of Viridian Residue] Caster leather helm
 [Engraved Amber Pendant]  [Engraved Amber Pendant] Agility necklace
 [Girdle of Soothing Detonation]  [Girdle of Soothing Detonation] Caster plate belt
 [Sap-Encrusted Legplates]  [Sap-Encrusted Legplates] Strength plate leggings
 [Flashfrozen Resin Globule]  [Flashfrozen Resin Globule] Caster trinket


I hope they make it this far. Then my strength and skill will be clear to all.
Ah-hah! The lot of you will soon wish you hadn't come this way...
Allow me to show you the power of amber alchemy...
Killing a player
  • Your curve bones will decorate the weapons of our warriors!
  • Did you think you stood a chance?
But... I was... who will...!?

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