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For the initiates in Ny'alotha, see Void Initiate (Ny'alotha, the Waking City).
AllianceVoid Initiate
Image of Void Initiate
Gender Both
Race Void elf (Humanoid)
Level 110
Health 831 K
Mana 533 K
Reaction Alliance
Location Fathom's Edge, Telogrus Rift[28.69, 40.25]
Status Alive
Mentor(s) Instructor Duskwalker
Instructor Duskwalker and his students banish the void creature

Void Initiates are void elves located at Fathom's Edge in the Telogrus Rift. They are students currently training to attain mastery over the Void, and are taught by Instructor Duskwalker.


Void instruction
Instructor Duskwalker says: You have learned basic control. Mastery, however, can only be attained through practical application.
Instructor Duskwalker says: Thankfully, this place is well suited for--
A void rift opens behind Instructor Duskwalker, as monstrous tentacles emerge from the opening.
Void Initiate yells: Behind you!
Instructor Duskwalker says: How convenient! I could not have timed this better myself.
Instructor Duskwalker begins to channel his powers at the being.
Instructor Duskwalker says: What are you waiting for? Concentrate and banish this creature!
Void Initiate says: R-right!
The Void Initiates add their power, focusing it on the rift and closing it.
Instructor Duskwalker says: Pathetic.
Void Initiate says: I don't feel so good...
Instructor Duskwalker says: Calm yourself and it will pass.
Instructor Duskwalker says: Your emotions expose weakness. The Void will exploit that if you let it.

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