Void Lord

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This article is about the Halls of Origination mob. For other uses, see void lord (disambiguation).
MobVoid Lord
Image of Void Lord
Race Void god (Elemental)
Level 85 Elite
Health 119,805
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Halls of Origination
Status Killable

Void Lord is a level 85 void god who appears at the Seat of Destruction in Halls of Origination, restrained within an Anti-Magic Prison by two of Setesh's Void Seekers.


  • Shadow Bolt Volley - Hurls a bolt of dark magic at enemies, inflicting Shadow damage.
  • Void Burst - Deals 7215 to 8385 Shadow damage to all enemies within 15 yards.
  • Void Infusion - Infuses the caster with void power, causing them to come to life.

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