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Void Spawn (Shadowmoon Burial Grounds)

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For the Sunwell Plateau mob, see Void Spawn. For the Spires of Arak mob, see Void Spawn (Spires of Arak). For other uses, see Void-spawn.
MobVoid Spawn
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Race Voidwalker (Aberration)
Level 101 Elite
Health 1,665,550 (M)
Wealth 1g 39s 51c
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Shadowmoon Burial Grounds
Status Killable

Void Spawns are voidwalkers located in Shadowmoon Burial Grounds.


  • Hardened - Grants the caster immunity to Stun effects.
  • Void Pulse - Deals 61750 to 68250 Shadow damage to all targets within 50 yards of the caster.

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