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Void Warlock

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NeutralVoid Warlock
Image of Void Warlock
Gender Both
Race Blood elf (Humanoid)
Level 110
Class Warlock
Health 2,553k
Mana 590k
Reaction Alliance
Former affiliation(s) Quel'Thalas
Location Telogrus Rift
Status Alive

Void Warlocks were blood elves that followed Magister Umbric into exile from Silvermoon City and Quel'Thalas for dealing with the Void. Umbric's outcasts would eventually reach Telogrus Rift, whereupon they were attacked by Nether-Prince Durzaan. Though Durzaan was defeated, the gathered blood elves had been transformed into some of the first void elves. Accepting their new forms, they pledged their allegiance to their savior Alleria Windrunner and the Grand Alliance.


  • After changing into void elves, the Void Warlocks appear to have become the Rift Wardens, who share the exact same armor and clothing.

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