Voidlord (warlock minion)

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For voidlord lore, see voidlord. For the spell to summon a Voidlord, see [Summon Voidlord]. For other uses, see Void lord (disambiguation).
Thoglos, a voidlord in the TCG
As seen in-game.

The Voidlord is a demonic minion, available at level 75. It is unlocked by the talent [Grimoire of Supremacy] and replaces the Voidwalker.


As a warlock minion, the Voidlord possesses one ability replacing the one of the Voidwalker.


  • "Let them face the void..."
  • "I will shatter their defenses."
  • "They know not what they face..."
  • "I will leave nothing of them."
  • "When you stare into the void... I am staring back."
  • "When I consume your world... My armies will save you for last."
  • "I am sated..."
  • "Ahh... To bathe in darkness... Once more."
"You know, I made this armor myself."
  • "Let them throw themselves against me...!"
  • "The void is my armor..."
  • "They will not escape my hunger..."
  • "You called.... and I have answered."
  • "I am the hunger of the void..."
  • "Ah! A new world to devour..."
  • "I will lead us into battle."


  • Voidlords are voiced by David DeSantos.
  • The dismiss quote "When you stare into the void... I am staring back" may be a reference to a famous quote by Friedrich Nietzsche: "And when you gaze long into an abyss the abyss also gazes into you".

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