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Level: 110 - 120
Battle Pet Level: 25
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Major settlements

Northwestern Zandalar

Sources: Battle for Azeroth

Vol'dun (pronounced "VOHL-doon")[1] is one of the three regions of Zandalar. The area was eaten by the armies of Azj'Aqir, leaving only a desert.


Vol'dun 1.jpg

This vast desert rolling with sand dunes was once a vibrant jungle, but the Aqir decimated its countryside. Zandalar sends its criminals here to die, and most of them end up perishing. The area is inhabited by Zandalari troll vagabonds, vulpera, and sethrak.[2]

Long ago, the C'Thrax Mythrax the Unraveler descended upon Vol'dun. He slaughtered troll and sethrak alike. The loa Sethraliss sacrificed herself to save them, but though she struck Mythrax down Mythrax was still able to destroy the disc at the heart of Atul'Aman. After witnessing the destruction firsthand, the sethrak knew that something had to be done to prevent anyone from raising Mythrax again. Sulthis, Vorrik, and Korthek worked together to seal Mythrax within the great pyramid.

Years later, Korthek grew power hungry and sought to free Mythrax to conquer Zuldazar. He gathered like-minded sethrak and declared himself emperor.[3]

The Ashvane Trading Company also has a presence there.

Getting there




Maps and subregions

Map of Vol'dun.


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Temple of Sethraliss 110 - 120 5 player Unknown

Travel hubs


Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Nazmir HordeAlliance 110 - 120 East  ???
Zuldazar HordeAlliance 110 - 120 South  ???

Notable characters

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  • Fishing
  • Herbalism
  • Skinning
  • Mining

Wild pets


Wild creatures

Notes & trivia

  • Vol'dun is very reminiscent of Tanaris. Both are desert zones with skeletons of giant creatures, troll ruins, and large bugs.


Patches and hotfixes


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