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Level: 110 - 120
Battle Pet Level: 25
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Major settlements

Northwestern Zandalar

PvP status
Sources: Battle for Azeroth

The unforgiving desert of Vol'dun is one of the three regions of Zandalar. Previously a vibrant and lush jungle,[1] Vol'dun is now a virtually uninhabitable, vast sea of dunes dreaded by all Zandalari, for to be exiled to its endless wastes is a sure sentence of death. And yet somehow, the willy nomads known as the vulpera have managed to eke out an existence here, despite facing constant threat from the sethrak, a brutal snakelike race determined to reign over this arid wasteland.[2]


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This vast desert rolling with sand dunes was once a dense, vibrant jungle,[3][4][5][6][7] described by Meerah as the jewel of the troll empire.[5]

According to Vorrik, long ago, the C'Thrax Mythrax the Unraveler descended upon Vol'dun, slaughtering troll and sethrak alike. The loa Sethraliss sacrificed herself to save them by defeating Mythrax,[8][9] but not before the C'Thrax was able to destroy the disc at the heart of Atul'Aman[8][9] According to Vorrik, the power unleashed from the pyramid's destruction was immense and forever altered Vol'dun.[9] However, Vorrik has also stated that it was with Sethraliss' death that the jungles of Vol'dun withered to sand.[4]

After witnessing the destruction firsthand, the sethrak knew that something had to be done to prevent anyone from raising Mythrax again. Sulthis, Vorrik, and Korthek worked together to seal Mythrax within the great pyramid. Years later, Korthek grew power hungry and sought to free Mythrax to conquer Zuldazar. He gathered like-minded sethrak and declared himself emperor of the Faithless.[8][9]

In the present day, Zandalar sends its criminals here to die, and most of them end up perishing. The area is inhabited by Zandalari troll vagabonds, vulpera, and sethrak.[3]

The Ashvane Trading Company has a presence in the southern edge of Vol'dun, mining for Azerite.

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Maps and subregions

Map of Vol'dun.


Instance name Level range Group size Approximate run time
Instance portal Temple of Sethraliss 110 - 120 5 player Unknown

Travel hubs


Adjacent regions

Zone Name Faction Level Range Direction Access
Nazmir HordeAlliance 110 - 120 East  ???
Zuldazar HordeAlliance 110 - 120 South  ???

Notable characters

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Notes and trivia

  • At BlizzCon 2017, Vol'dun's transformation from a jungle to a desert was explained as being due to the aqir armies of the Old Gods attacking the region.[3] However, the aqir are never mentioned in-game, and Vol'dun's state is instead attributed to the battle between Mythrax and Sethraliss. It was also stated that "players will face off against Aqir, Zandalari vagabonds, and the Sethrak",[10] yet aqir are never seen in-game. Finally, there exist many silithid fossil models in the Vol'dun files, but they were never used. This means that Vol'dun's backstory seems to have been changed since its announcement at BlizzCon and the release of Battle for Azeroth.


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