Vol'jin of the Darkspear (Alliance)

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The subject of this article or section is part of Battlefield: Barrens, a world event that preceded the Siege of Orgrimmar during patch 5.3.0.

AllianceVol'jin of the Darkspear
Razor Hill Watchtower

90 (Requires 90)




1g 98s 50c



Accompany Zen'tabra to Vol'jin.


I take ya to Vol'jin.


You will receive: 1g 98s 50c


<The troll does not have a strong grasp of the common tongue, and his throat is still bandaged from a knife wound. But the meaning of his words is clear.>

What de Alliance want wit' ol' Vol'jin, hmm? Zen'tabra says we got a common enemy. That don't make us friends.

But... Maybe we can work together dis one. You want to strange de Warchief, hm? Shut 'im out?

<Vol'jin smiles disarmingly, his grin slow and savage.>


You will receive:

  • 23600 XP


On accept:

Zen'tabra says: Walk wit' me, <race>.
Zen'tabra says: Keep ya hands where we can see 'em. Everybody be jumpy. We be in a war here, a war against the Warchief hisself.
Zen'tabra says: Hellscream already try ta have Vol'jin killed. Heh. Ain't so easy ta kill a troll.
Zen'tabra says: What he did? He woke de fury a' de Darkspear tribe.
Zen'tabra says: Hellscream thought Vol'jin dead, 'til Vol'jin show up at Sen'jin Village. Den de Warchief try to crush de rebellion, but we was waitin' for 'im. We fought back de Kor'kron at Sen'jin, and den we took Razor Hill, hah, right under de Warchief's nose!
Zen'tabra says: We turn eyes now ta de final prize - Orgrimmar.
Zen'tabra says: De Alliance want a second front on Orgrimmar? We can do dat. You can help. We be needin' resources: Stone. Wood. Oil. Meat. Only den can we move on da city.
Zen'tabra says: Dis ain't a task for da weak-hearted, stranger. But if ya help us, maybe Vol'jin begin ta trust ya. Either way ya weakin de Warchief's grasp on his own lands. Tink a soft-skinned Alliance can do it? Ahahahahaaa!

Zen'tabra leads the player to the southeast around Razor Hill to a newly-constructed Razor Hill Watchtower, which is a sanctuary from PvP combat.

Speak with Vol'jin:

<The stench around Vol'jin's makeshift revolutionary camp is intolerable. The troll leader allows you to speak first, while his guards eye you warily.>
Gossip Why are the Darkspear in rebellion against Garrosh?
<Vol'jin twists his face into a scowl.>
Ya wouldn't understand. What's de Horde ta ya, <race>? Diseased? Alien? Betrayers? Demon-blooded? Beasts? I know what ya say 'bout us.
I'll tell ya what de Horde is. De Horde dat me an' Thrall built. It be a family. When de whole world try ta put us down, de family come an' pick us back up.
Hellscream, he don't see family. Ain't never had one.
Gossip What about Hellscream? What does the Horde mean to him?
For him, Horde be about orcs, an' buildin up orc power. Like he just come through de portal. Anyone stand in his way, anyone tink any diff'rent, he shut 'em up.
<Vol'jin runs his three-fingered hand across his scar.>
He like an angry dog. Oh, I fight next to Hellscream in battle, sure. But put him in charge? Ya askin' for trouble. He pick his favorites, start his war, shove me bruddahs aside... He don't tink he need nobody else. Well, he wrong.
He gonna learn: ya never cross family.

After complete, Vol'jin has another gossip option:

Gossip Why should we help you? What if we kept the Barrens supplies for ourselves?
<Vol'jin cackles, the stench of his hot breath reeking in your nostrils.>
Oh, ya got anudda plan? I got anudda plan, too. I let ya siege Orgrimmar on ya own. See how far ya get. An' once da city be filled wit' corpses, den me shadow hunters come in, we mop up what left, kill Kor'kron an Alliance alike. Give ya dead ta Sylvanas. Hmm! I save a lot a Darkspear lives wit' dis plan!
Mmnn? You don't like? Then, we stay wit' da fist plan. We work together.
We don't even have ta like each other.
Gossip [Call his bluff] Why don't WE wait until YOU attack Orgrimmar, then mop up YOUR dead?
<Vol'jin sees his opportunity slipping away. He holds up his hands.>
Wait now, <race>! Orgrimmar be a fortress. My people, we ain't gonna crack dat nut on our own. How long we gonna last out here? Days? Weeks? Vol'jin can't say.
You keep da supplies comin, an' I promise, more Kor'kron gonna die. Before ya troops even land! The blood bein' spilt ain't even ya own! Surely dat be worth a few crates of meat?


  1. N [90] The King and the Council
  2. N [90] The Warchief and the Darkness
  3. Battlefield: Barrens fork (pre-patch 5.4):
    1. H [90] The Darkspear Rebellion / A [90] A Little Field Work
    2. H [90] Vol'jin of the Darkspear / A [90] Gathering Intelligence
    3. H [90] Battlefield: Barrens / A [90] The Darkspear Rebellion
    4. H [90] Battle of Sen'jin Village / A [90] Vol'jin of the Darkspear
    5. H [90] Battle of Razor Hill / A [90] Battlefield: Barrens
  4. N [90] The Old Seer
  5. N [90] Path of the Last Emperor

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