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For the Shimmering Expanse quest, see N [81] Vortex.

24 (Requires 21)




Vortex completes the quest chain at Thunder Peak in Ashenvale, in which the elements of water, earth, and air must subdue their brother element of fire, Lord Magmathar.


Use the powers of the Whirling Vortex to slay Lord Magmathar.

("Lord Magmathar: The very essence of Thunder Peak. Snuff him out!")


The time has come, <name>. When you have steeled yourself we will speak again and I will summon forth a whirling vortex to speed your way up to the skies over Thunder Peak.

Channel the power of the Earthen Ring through the elemental to slay Lord Magmathar so that we may bring him into balance once more.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv misc flower 04.png [Blossom of the Earthen Ring] Inv gauntlets 18.png [Subduer's Gloves]
Inv belt 09.png [Belt of Equilibrium]

You will also receive: 35s


You've done it! The spirits were right after all!

The power of fire is subdued and the four elements are returned to harmony.

The rest of Ashenvale is spared this fiery fate. You have the eternal thanks of the Earthen Ring.



Speak with The Vortex again after accepting the quest:

Gossip I am ready to be one with the whirling vortex and defeat Lord Magmathar.

The player will become a Whirling Vortex with 3255 health and the following abilities:

Key 1. Ability vehicle electrocharge.png  Sky Lightning 100 yd range Blasts Lord Magmathar with lightning, inflicting 24 to 29 Nature damage. (2 sec cooldown)
Key 2. Ability druid galewinds.png  Vortex Vengeance 100 yd range Envelope Lord Magmathar with the power of The Vortex, dealing 278 to 322 Nature damage and inflicting 225 additional Nature damage every 3 sec. for 9 sec. (9 sec cooldown)
Key 3. Spell frost arcticwinds.png  Extinguish Flames Extinguish Lord Magmathar's [Lordly Immolate]. May be used once every 15 seconds. (15 sec cooldown)
Key 5. Spell nature astralrecalgroup.png  Return to The Vortex Return you and the whirling vortex to The Vortex at the southern edge of Thunder Peak. May only be used if you are already circling Lord Magmathar.


Mor'shan Rampart

Splintertree Post

Zoram Strand

Hellscream's Watch

After H [23] Blastranaar! is turned in:

Silverwind Refuge

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