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Image of Vorus'arak
Title <Swarm Lord>
Gender Male
Race Nerubian spiderlord (Uncategorized)
Level 121 Rare Elite
Health 821,025
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Voru'kar
Occupation Leader of the Voru'kar
Location Skittering Hollow
Status Killable

Vorus'arak is a nerubian spiderlord located at in the Skittering Hollow, he is the leader of a group of living nerubians known as Voru'kar.


During the War of the Spider, Vorus'arak saw that the nerubians were losing to the nascent Scourge. A skilled tunneler, rather than remain and die, Vorus'arak took his brood and tunneled far beneath the earth, leaving Northrend and Azjol-nerub behind. Escaping through the tunnels, he and his brood survived where most of his race did not. Despite his strength, Vorus'arak was forced to consume much of his young to eventually find a safe haven for his people. Finding an island, later known as the Skittering Hollow, the Nerubians, now known as the Voru'kar, carved a home for themselves on the isle to survive. Vorus'arak refused to shed his carapace, instead, scrawling the history of his people down in the nerubian language.

Vorus'arak can be defeated by an adventurer looking for Azerite during Island Expeditions. If he is defeated, his carapace can be looted and returned to Kilix the Unraveler, who will give a brief translation of the history scrawled on the carapace before thanking the adventurer for returning a piece of nerubian history.


  • Leeching Swarm
  • Rending Swipe - Swipes at enemies in a frontal 12 yard cone, bleeding them for 20 sec.
  • Slam - Inflicts Physical damage to an enemy, stunning it for 3 sec.


  • Beware... the invaders...


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