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Image of Vulf
Title <Blackfuse Company>
Gender Male
Race Goblin (Humanoid)
Level 100
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Blackfuse Company
Location Zangar Sea, Nagrand [59.4, 1]
Status Killable

Vulf is a goblin located in the Zangar Sea in Nagrand.


  • Ability marksmanship.png  Shoot 20 yd range — Shoots at an enemy, inflicting Physical damage.
  • Inv gizmo rocketboot 01.png  Reckless Rockets 30 yd range — Charge through an enemy, inflicting Fire damage. 1.5 sec cast.


Approaching the area of the chest

Dollos yells: You broke ANOTHER drill?! Where did you get those, Venture Company?!
Vulf yells: Keep your helmet on... we are practically through. Just need to kick it a few times and we got our payday!


Vulf says: Hold still a sec, I can fix that whole "living" thing for you.

Special ability

Vulf says: I'm flyin'!


Vulf says: Ah man I'm down!


  • This NPC is a reference to the Wolf character from the game franchise PAYDAY.

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