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This article is about the vulpera lore. For the allied race's page, see Vulpera (playable).
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The vulpera (pronounced "vuhl-PEH-ruh") are a race of nomadic fox people living in Vol'dun on Zandalar. Some of them can also be found in Kul Tiras, as members of the Bilge Rat pirates.[2]


The vulpera are a keen and intelligent race of nomadic scavengers capable of turning what they find into opportunities to thrive.[3] Vulpera live in burrows. They travel in caravans, scavenging for supplies, trading where they can,[4] and spreading information they pick up along the way.[3] Dwelling in Vol'dun, the vulpera can't afford to waste resources. Over time, they have learned to take anything that looks even remotely useful and be creative using what they have,[5] and they have learned to recognize value wherever it hides in the desert.[6]

Vulpera show a knack for alchemy, using potions and elixirs for a variety of effects. Vol'dunshine is a type of vulpera-made desert hooch brewed during desert travel and stored in dried gourds.[7]

According to Keerin, vulpera generally stay away from Azerite due to its volatility.[8] However, at least some vulpera only see Azerite fragments as "neat power rocks" and don't mind pocketing them.[9]

Vulpera commonly use idioms that refer to the desert, such as "Hot sands" (an exclamation)[10][11] or "Thank the sands".[12][13] Other sayings include "Home is where the wagon is",[14][15][16][17] "One broken wheel stops the caravan",[18] and "having a yip of a time".[9]


Name Role Status Location
Boss  Captain Eudora Leader of the Bilge Rats Killable Freehold
Horde  Kiro Caravan leader Alive Vol'dun
Horde  Meerah Caravan driver Alive Vol'dun
Horde  Nisha Warrior Alive Vol'dun

Notes and trivia

  • The adjective for vulpera is "vulperan."[19]
  • Vulpera adults use the same model skeleton and animations as goblins, with a few exceptions such as sleeping. Vulpera children use podling animations.
  • Vulpera models originally had only short stub tails, as seen in their early models showcased at BlizzCon 2017 as well as their concept art. Their long, fluffy tails were added in a later build of the Battle for Azeroth alpha, though the models of Captain Eudora and vulpera children still have stub tails.
  • Their name is derived from vulpes, the Latin word for fox.
  • The males are voiced by Scott Menville.


This article or section includes speculation, observations or opinions possibly supported by lore or by Blizzard officials. It should not be taken as representing official lore.

One of the various demigods that participated in the War of the Ancients was described as "a tiny red fox with a sly yet gnomish visage [scurrying] between the legs of the giants".[20] It may have been related to the vulpera.



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