Vyletongue Corruption

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AllianceVyletongue Corruption

47 (Requires 41)




5250 (or 31s 50c at level 70)

Corrupted Vylestem Vine
Healed Vylestem Vine


Fill the Coated Cerulean Vial at the orange crystal pool in Maraudon.
Use the Filled Cerulean Vial on the Vylestem Vines to force the corrupted Noxxious Scion to emerge. Heal 8 plants by killing these Noxxious Scion, then return to Talendria in Nijel's Point.


A satyr known as Vyletongue has corrupted the caverns of Maraudon, stunting the growth of many of the plants inside.
Take this vial, <name>. Fill it at the corrupted orange pool found inside the caverns; the coating inside the vial will counter the toxins, turning it into a healing agent. Find the Vylestem vines inside the orange caverns, and use the purified liquid on them. The corruption will be purged from the plant, but do know that Vyletongue will still control it. He may use it against you...


You will be able to choose one of these rewards
Inv jewelry ring 18.png [Woodseed Hoop] Inv belt 25.png [Sagebrush Girdle]
Inv gauntlets 30.png [Branchclaw Gauntlets]


If you are able to heal the plant, it will again begin to grow. We must do what we can, <name>...


Thank you for returning this, <name>. With the remaining liquid you brought me, I can continue my studies.

While there is still much to do, you have helped to heal some of the corruption that Vyletongue spread through Maraudon. Please take this with my gratitude.


Upon completion of this quest you will gain:

  • 5250 XP (or 31s 50c at level 70)


An orange pool in Maraudon
The scions can be hard to see inside the Vylestem Vines
  • This first part of this quest takes place outside the ORANGE instance (right hand path)
  • Any pool in the area with the Orange crystals can be used to fill the vial
  • The second part, healing the vines, takes place inside
    • Stand within 10 yards of a corrupted Vylestem Vine and click on the vial to activate it
    • You will see the one to three emotes "Noxxious Scion emerges from the plant, allowing it to heal." depending on the number spawned
    • Noxxious Scion are non-elite, level 44 mobs with about 1782 health. They are immune to nature damage

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