WANTED: "Hogger"

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AllianceWANTED: "Hogger"

11 (Requires 5)




875 (or 5s 40c)


Stormwind +250


WANTED: "Hogger" begins when a Wanted Poster is read just outside of Westbrook Garrison. As Hogger is an elite monster, defeating him usually requires at least two level 11 characters.


In the TCG.

Deal with "The Hogger Situation" and return to Marshal Dughan.

  • Dealt with "The Hogger Situation"


Wanted: Hogger

A huge gnoll, Hogger, is prowling the woods in southwestern Elwynn. He has overpowered all attempts at his capture.

The Stormwind Army has placed a generous bounty on the Gnoll. To earn the reward, bounty hunters should venture into the woods and deal with the beast.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest leather 26.png [Footman Tunic] Inv pants mail 36.png [Stormwind Guard Leggings]
Inv staff 08.png [Balanced Spell Staff]


Yes, Hogger has been a real pain for me and my men. You have something to report about the beast?


He did WHAT?

Great, now we have a bloodthirsty beast right beneath the streets of Stormwind, with a whole army of gnolls at his command. Definitely an improvement, I feel safer already.

Here's your reward, <name>. But promise me you'll check in with the Stockades guards in Stormwind at some point, just to ensure that things are going smoothly.


Hogger is located in the southern portion of the Forest's Edge subzone at Hogger Hill, behind several camps pocketed with level 9-11 mobs.

Brought to low health
Hogger yells: Yipe! Help Hogger!
Hogger casts Summon Minions, spawning three Minion of Hogger to attack. While you're occupied, Hogger walks over to the large pile of meat.
Hogger is eating! Stop him!
Hogger starts Eating, healing 5% of health every 3 seconds for 12 seconds.
If you hit and thus interrupt him, he will be debuffed with Upset Stomach, stunning him for 10 seconds.
Hogger is stunned!
Hogger yells: No hurt Hogger!
Hogger tries to run, but once brought down to 1 HP, General Marcus Jonathan is suddenly teleported in to the northeast (horse and all) with Maginor Dumas to his left and High Sorcerer Andromath to his right.
General Marcus Jonathan yells: Hold your blade, adventurer!
Two Ragamuffins run up behind Marcus as he dismounts.
Ragamuffin 1 says: General Marcus Jonathan!
Ragamuffin 2 says: Wow!
As the Ragamuffins run off as quickly as they came, Marcus walks up to Hogger.
Hogger says: Grrr...
General Marcus Jonathan says: This beast leads the Riverpaw gnoll gang and may be the key to ending gnoll aggression in Elwynn.
General Marcus Jonathan says: We're taking him into custody in the name of King Varian Wrynn.
Hogger says: Nooooo...
Marcus turns to High Sorcerer Andromath.
General Marcus Jonathan says: Take us to the Stockades, Andromath.
Andromath and Dumas teleports the four away.

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