Waking the Dead

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NeutralWaking the Dead

110 (830)


11 hrs






150 Order Resources

Champion XP


Bonus Chest

See Rewards


Late at night, someone has been going to the cemetery in Dalaran and attempting to raise the dead. We should investigate and put a stop to it.


  • Aspiring Necromancer Aeviss: Powerful
  • Skeletal Minions: Slowing Lethal Disorienting Cursed Powerful
  • Avoid Detection: Slowing Lethal Disorienting Cursed Powerful


  • 3,000 follower XP


You will receive:
Inv eng crate.png [Crate of Champion Equipment]
You will also get one from the following:
Inv misc ahnqirajtrinket 01.png [Fruitful Bauble] Inv misc trinketpanda 13.png [Draught of Courage]
Inv tailoring 70 saddleblanket.png [Pathfinder's Saddle] Inv misc birdfoot yellow.png [Lucky Doodad]
Inv jewelry orgrimmarraid trinket 02.png [Auspicious Fetish] Inv inscription trinket tiger.png [Curio of Abundant Happiness]
Inv jewelry trinket 09.png [Elixir of Plenty] Inv misc trinketpanda 10.png [Necklace of Endless Memories]
Inv 60pvp trinket2c.png [Potion of Triton] Inv boots 08.png [Swift Boots]
Inv misc food 54.png [Carrot on a Stick] Inv jewelry trinket 22.png [Well-Worn Stone]
Ability rogue smoke.png [Smoke Grenades] Rogue leeching poison.png [Leech Brew]
Inv 6 2raid trinket 1a.png [Vanishing Dust] Inv misc trinket6oog stonefist1.png [Marauder's Vestige]
Inv trinket naxxramas02.png [Demon's Sigil] Inv hand 1h trollshaman c 01.png [Voodoo Post]
Achievement boss korkrondarkshaman.png [Furious Charge] Archaeology 5 0 ironamulet.png [Conjurer's Bauble]
Inv misc token darkmoon 01.png [Arcanist's Trifle] Inv jewelry ring 113.png [Band of Primordial Strength]
Inv bow 1h dwarfhunter c 01.png [Bow of Ancient Kings] Inv belt mail raidhunter m 01.png [Windrunner's Gift]
Ability warrior renewedvigor.png [Valarjar's Might] Spell misc warsongfocus.png [War Banner]
Inv axe 2h orcwarrior c 01.png [Axe of the Valkyra] Inv misc bone humanskull 02.png [Skull of Embrace]
Trade archaeology skullmug.png [Demonic Brew] Inv helmet 171.png [Helm of Command]
Inv misc trinket6oih ironskull1.png [Black Harvest Curio] Inv staff 2h pandarenmonk c 01.png [Chi Empowered Jewel]
Inv staff 2h nightelfdruid c 01.png [Elune's Sight] Spell paladin lightshammer.png [Justice Hammer]
Inv relics libramoftruth.png [Libram of Enlightenment] Trade archaeology druidprieststatueset.png [Holy Figurine]
Achievement battleground templeofkotmogu 02.png [Bottled Sanity] Inv misc trinket6oog mask1.png [Undead Token]
Inv jewelry orgrimmarraid trinket 06.png [Rune of Reckoning] Trade alchemy dpotion c22.png [Potion of Energy]
Inv misc pocketwatch 02.png [Hasty Pocketwatch]
Inv alchemy elixir 01.png [Elixir of Overwhelming Focus] Inv boots mail 13v2.png [Sturdy Hiking Boots]
Inv valentinecolognebottle.png [Bottomless Flask] Inv alchemy crystalvial.png [Vial of Timeless Breath]
70 inscription glyph demonhunter major.png [Relic of Demonic Influence] Spell misc warsongfocus.png [Demonic Standard]

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