Walk With The Earth Mother

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HordeWalk With The Earth Mother

12 (Requires 10)




+250 Orgrimmar


3s 50c


H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [10] War Dance


Take the Mark of Bloodhoof to Garrosh Hellscream, located in Grommash Hold in Orgrimmar.

You may speak with Tal the Wind Rider Master to travel there, or wait for the zeppelin.


Much has changed outside of Mulgore, <name>. The world is torn, and our Horde allies have turned down dark paths. We must guide them. Even in the darkest hour, we will bravely hold our heads high, and honor the Earth Mother in all we do.

You must go, <name>, and be this example. Go to Orgrimmar. Tell Saurfang how the Grimtotem were driven out. Let him know our pride and discipline, our strength and sorrow.

Tal at the Skytower will send you on your way. Go in peace, and never forget your people.


You will receive: 3s 50c


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This article is a stub. You can help Wowpedia by expanding it.


Walk to the high tower in the middle and up to the top where Tal is. Talk to him to get a free ride to Orgrimmar.

Gossip Send me to Orgrimmar.

Walk to the west where there's an elevator down, then move inside the big building in the center of Valley of Strength.

There is no follow-up quest. Gotura Fourwinds stands nearby, offering H [12] Preserving the Barrens, starting the Northern Barrens storyline. Alternatively, you can head back to the Warchief's Command Board and pick up H [10] Warchief's Command: Azshara! for the Azshara storyline.

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Ya tell me da Grimtotem be forced from Mulgore? Ya must be a fierce warrior ta earn the praise of Baine Bloodhoof. Da Horde needs heroes, ones that hold honor in der hearts. Very well, [class]. I accept ye as one of us.

For the Horde!

  • Progress:

What makes you seek the Warchief of the Horde, tauren?

  • Completion:

The Grimtotem forced from Mulgore... if Baine speaks for this, you are indeed a fierce warrior.

From this day, your strength is no longer your own. It belongs to me, and the Horde, as a weapon of war.

Hellscream's eyes are upon you, <name>. Victory or death!


  1. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [7] Rite of Vision (from Bloodhoof Village)
  2. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [10] Wildmane Totem
  3. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [10] Wildmane Cleansing
  4. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [10] Journey into Thunder Bluff
  5. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [10] War Dance
  6. H IconSmall Tauren Male.gifIconSmall Tauren Female.gif [12] Walk With The Earth Mother (to Orgrimmar)

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