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Image of Wan'be
Title <The Explorer>
Gender Male
Race Zandalari troll (Undead)
Reaction Alliance Horde
Status Active

Wan'be is a Zandalari troll ghost summoned by  [Ghostly Explorer's Skull].


The skull and Wan'be are tied to a secret that rewards 120g:

  1. Talk to Wan'be until you get him to say "You ever see a saber in the snow? That be a crazy idea, snow that is.
  2. Go to Frostsaber Rock in Winterspring.[46.7, 17.7] Use the item and choose "This what you had in mind?" Continue talking to Wan'be until you get him to say "We got da' big reptiles in Zandalar, nun be big'r all of time."
  3. Go to Zaladormu in the Caverns of Time in Tanaris.[52.4, 55,9] While standing in front of (below) Zaladormu, use the skull and choose "You were saying?" Continue talking to Wan'be until you get him to say "You know, I almost setup a racing ring in Vol'dun. Me partner worried another cataclysm might put us underwater and backed out. Plus we had no money, dey took it, when we exiled."
  4. Go to the raceway that is underwater in Thousand Needles.[81.5, 78.3] Use the item and choose "<You gesture around the area.>" Continue talking to Wan'be until you get him to say "Did I tell ya, I ov'r heard one of those charcoal half pints claim he lived in a volcano."
  5. Go to the Meeting Stone in the Molten Span in the middle of Blackrock Mountain. Use the item and talk to Wan'be until there are no more dialogue options.
  6. Go to the tower in Rootway Collapse in Zuldazar and claim your prize, Wan'be's Buried Goods.[63.6, 9.8]
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