Wanderer's Festival

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Wanderer's Festival
Wanderer's Festival bonfire.jpg

Sundays 9-11 PM


The Wanderer's Festival happens every Sunday at Turtle Beach, Krasarang Wilds from 9:00pm to 11:23pm PST.

Opening Ceremony

Wanderer's Festival Lanterns appear in the water.

Wandering Pilgrims and Wandering Celebrants appear. They build three Pandaren Campfires.

Lorewalker Cho and Lorewalker Shuchun walk up to the front of the statue. Li Li and Chen Stormstout also walk up and stand east of them. Chen sets up a keg.

Fireworks go off to offcially start the festival.

Wanderer's Festival Hatchling battle pets appear on the beach.

Those present get [Wanderers, Dreamers, and You].

Lorewalker Shuchun says: Lorewalker Cho! I'm so glad you're joining us this week!
Lorewalker Shuchun says: Can you sing for us the song of Liu Lang?
Lorewalker Shuchun says: Your voice is so beautiful. Sometimes I swear I could hear a whole orchestra when you sing!

Cho does so.

Lorewalker Shuchun says: Thank you, Lorewalker!

Closing Ceremony

The Lorewalkers and Li Li step forward.

Lorewalker Shuchun says: Thank you for coming, everyone!
Lorewalker Shuchun says: Into every generation are born the dreamers - dreamers like Liu Lang.
Lorewalker Shuchun says: What's YOUR dream? Don't let ANYONE take it away.
Lorewalker Shuchun says: Hold it in your heart, and make it happen. Dreamers change the world.
Lorewalker Shuchun says: Red Crane bless you all. Goodnight!

Fireworks go off. Everyone leaves.