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Wanna Charge? Gotta Pay!

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NeutralWanna Charge? Gotta Pay!
Start Flux
End Flux
Level 120 (Requires 120)
Category Mechagon Island
Rewards Access: Charging Station


Pay Flux's access fee, then use the Charging Station to charge an  [Empty Energy Cell].


You lookin' to charge some energy cells off of our tower of power?

I ain't surprised - everyone is.

And everyone PAYS. You got that or I got ta say it again?

<Flux spits behind her.>

I can tell you're a first-timer. Bondo's got a special deal for you flashfoots.

Small access fee, one charge only.

Deal? You ain't gettin' any other offers.


You will learn: Access: Charging Station


You lookin' to charge some energy cells off our tower of power?

Save your sob stories. Everyone pays.

<Flux spits over her shoulder.>

No exceptions.


Limited access granted.

Charge whatever you want. Don't break anything.

<Flux spits over her shoulder.>

Most importantly, mind your own damn business.



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