War Forage

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HordeWar Forage
Start Griff
End Griff
Level 84 (Requires 84)
Category Twilight Highlands
Experience 55200
Reputation +350 Dragonmaw Clan
Rewards 9g
Previous H [84] Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer


Gather 10 Wildhammer Food Stores from the Thundermar Ruins.


<Griff's stomach growls.>

Whenever we Dragonmaw go on the warpath, everyone stops hunting.

The best tasting food is stolen from the mouths of the enemy. Up on the ridge north of the river there's a bunch of wrecked Wildhammer houses. I bet they're loaded with food.

Bring some to my mouth.


You will receive: 9g




<Griff greedily snatches the heap of food, enough to feed dozens of men.>

Great! Did you get any for yourself?


  1. H [84] The Northern Flank
  2. Complete all of:
  3. H [84] Narkrall, the Drake-Tamer
  4. Complete all of:
  5. Complete all of:
    • The Eye of Twilight:
    1. H [84] A Vision of Twilight
    2. H [84] We All Must Sacrifice
    3. H [84] The Eyes Have It
    4. H [84] Eye Spy
    • The Demon Chain:
    1. H [84] Bait and Throttle
    2. H [84] How to Maim Your Dragon
    3. H [84] The Demon Chain
    4. H [84] Fury Unbound
  6. H [85] Purple is Your Color & H [85] Dressed to Kill
  7. H [85] Whispers in the Wind & H [85] Thog's Nightlight & H [85] Night Terrors

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