War between the Breakers and the Primals

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War between the Breakers and the Primals
War between the Breakers and the Primals
Date: Unknown, since ancient times
Location: Draenor
Outcome: Ongoing
Commanders and leaders
Casualties and losses
  • Unknown
  • Unknown

The war between the Breakers and the Primals is a conflict in Gorgrond between the plant-composed Primals, and the savage Breakers. While the botani, podlings and genesaur attempt to grow, spread and flourish like the plants they consist of, the gronn, goren and magnaron seek to expand into the jungle and kill its inhabitants for both food and for the fun of battle. Durotan claims that this conflict has been waged since time immemorial and must continue, for if one side were to lose, all of Draenor would fall to the victor.[1]

The battleground near the Broken Spine defines the line that separates the arid desert and the lush jungle. The Breakers' brute force and earth-based magic does little to stop many of the Primals' forces from simply regrowing in a few hours.[2] This rapid regeneration, plus the Breakers' own resilience and persistence, ensures the battle continues on. The botani also charm or raise various wild animals and plant creatures to serve them in the battle against the Breakers, including wasps, ravagers, lashers, and mandragoras.