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War of the Satyr

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War of the Satyr
War of the Satyr
Part of: Burning Crusade
Location: Kalimdor (notabily in Ashenvale)
Prelude: War of the Ancients
Provocation: Armies of satyrs attacked the night elves with the intent of destroying their civilization.
Begin: ~9,300 BDP
Outcome: Night elf victory
Commanders and leaders
  • Many Satyr
  • Some Demons
Casualties and losses
  • Near annihilation
Previous: War of the Ancients
Next: Gurubashi civil war
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This article or section contains lore taken from the Warcraft manga or comics.

The War of the Satyr was a conflict fought between the night elves and the former night elves and now demons, the satyrs, seven hundred years after the War of the Ancients.[1][2] Armies of satyrs attacked the night elves with the intent of destroying their civilization.

At least part of the war was fought on Ashenvale. The satyrs were helped by demons that had somehow lingered on Azeroth after the defeat of the Burning Legion. The night elves were directed by Malfurion Stormrage, Tyrande Whisperwind and Shandris Feathermoon. The night elves Ralaar Fangfire, Belysra and Arvell fought in the war. The former two created the worgen during the war in order to combat the satyrs.

The ensuing War of the Satyr exacted a heavy toll from the night elves, but ultimately they vanquished the forces that had set out to wreak havoc on their world. The war completely decimated any semblance of central leadership for the satyrs, forcing them to live in small sects to this day.[3]