Warchief's Command: Blade's Edge Mountains

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HordeWarchief's Command: Blade's Edge Mountains
Start Adventure Guide
End Nekthar
Level 65 (Requires 64)
Category Blade's Edge Mountains
Experience 2,530


Travel to Thunderlord Stronghold in the Blade's Edge Mountains and speak with Nekthar.


The Warchief is calling for champions to put an end to the ogre threat in Blade's Edge Mountains. Make your way north into the mountains, to the orcish stronghold of Thunderlord Stronghold and let Nekthar know of our plight. Any help he can spare would be most welcome.


Denjai seeks help?  I'd send him reinforcements, but we're spread thin here as it is.  We've got trouble of our own with the ogres up here.

When I can, I'll give him what information we have on the local ogre tribes and their tactics.  Perhaps if he can survive long enough, we'll be able to launch a two-pronged assault on the vile scum.




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