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Patch 1.28.1


Release date

April 27, 2017

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Patch 1.28.1 was a minor patch that was released on April 27, 2017.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed installer crashes and bugs
  • Fixed CDKey related bugs
  • Fixed stability issues related to missing data in the Polish build
  • Fixed German RoC installer launching TFT
  • WorldEdit map testing will work with non-default map names
  • PreloadGenEnd() will now save into the User Data folder

Known Issues

  • Non-Latin Windows usernames are not working

If Mac OSX does not launch the game, and gives an error that CDKeys could not be found:

  • Rename the .app from "Warcraft III.app" to "War3.app"
  • Run the game and quit
  • Rename .app back to "Warcraft III.app"


Order IDs bug: Maps broken or partially broken by 1.28 should also be fixed.