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Warlock builds/DarkPact ManaFeed

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Dark Pact/Mana Feed is an Evolution of SM/Sacrifice.

With the release of 3.0.2 this talent tree has been severely hit with the nerf-stick. Primarily because [Shadow Embrace] was a debuff applied with dots, now it is now applied with [Haunt] and Shadowbolt. This has a negative effect on Life Drain. However, it is still a viable tree and, with lv80 around the corner the extra 10 points give back some of the lost power with the added inclusion of [Unstable Affliction] (the 4th missing affliction debuff).

It's primary purpose is a combination of solo questing/farming/grinding and Crowd control in instances.

For soloing it includes instant cast DoTs/DD as you will be Drain-tanking the critters your self whilst draining the life force out of them using their life force to keep you alive.

For instancing it includes [Improved Succubus] and [Improved Enslave Demon] for Crowd control; [Dark Pact] to recover mana from your pet; [Mana Feed] to give your Succubus more mana during a long fight.

Build Details

[Shadow Mastery] and [Demonic Sacrifice] compliment each other giving a combination for 20% extra shadow damage.

As you will be Drain-tanking, without a pet as you will have sacrificed Succubus for the extra shadow damage buff, you will want a lot of stamina and health, this is as important as shadow damage - Demon STA/Health talents are taken to help.

At level 70 you will want 8,000 HP with over 600 +shadow damage. [Drain Life] should be about 320 DPS with 3 affliction debuffs on the mob.

It is lower DPS than spamming [Shadow Bolt], but this way you keep your mana and health recharged. Assuming you have 8kHP you can regenerate your health from 60% to 100% with two Life Drains.

You'll want to have [Fel Armor] up at all times, for an extra +130dmg.

Talent Break down