Warlock curses

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Warlock curses are warlock abilities that debuff the opponent. Only one curse per warlock can be active on a target at any time.

Curses do not stack with those cast by another warlock.

All Warlock curses are instant cast, have a 40 yd range and no cooldown.


Curse Duration Effect Mana cost Level required
[Curse of the Elements] 5 min Reduces resistances by 183; increases magic damage taken by 8% 10% 52
[Curse of Exhaustion] 30 sec Reduces movement speed by 30% 6% 29
[Curse of Tongues] 30 sec Increases casting time by 30% 4% 26
[Curse of Weakness] 2 min Reduces physical damage dealt by 10% 10% 16


There are only 2 improvements that specifically affect curses: