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Warlock summons

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The warlock has the unique ability to summon various minions. See individual pages or Minion for details.

Icon Name Learned Description
Spell shadow summonimp.png [Summon Imp] Level 1 Summons a minion with a ranged attack. Although the imp is fragile, it can buff party members.
Spell shadow summonvoidwalker.png [Summon Voidwalker] Level 8 Summons a pet with lots of armor. The voidwalker can tank and taunt like a warrior.
Spell shadow summonfelguard.png [Summon Felguard] Primary ability of Demonology,
available at level 10
Summons a pet with a melee attack.
Spell nature swiftness.png [Felsteed] Level 20 Summons a mount. The felsteed is a normal mount.
Spell shadow summonsuccubus.png [Summon Succubus] Level 20 Summons a pet with a melee attack. The succubus is also adept at disabling humanoids.
Spell shadow evileye.png [Eye of Kilrogg] Level 22 Summons a temporary pet. The Eye of Kilrogg is great for scouting.
Spell shadow summonfelhunter.png [Summon Felhunter] Level 30 Summons a pet that devours magic. The felhunter can dispel buffs and spell-lock casters.
Ability mount dreadsteed.png [Dreadsteed] Level 40 Summons a mount. The [Dreadsteed] is an epic mount.
Spell shadow summoninfernal.png [Summon Infernal] Level 50 Summons a temporary guardian from the skies.
Achievement boss kiljaedan.png [Summon Doomguard] Level 58 Summons a temporary Doomguard guardian to fight beside you.

Patch changes

  • WoW Icon update.png Patch 1.5.0 (2005-06-07): Pet speed has been increased when out of combat and following their master.