Warlord Krogg

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HordeWarlord Krogg
Image of Warlord Krogg
Gender Male
Race Orc (Humanoid)
Level 5-30
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Orgrimmar
Location Azshara[60.1, 50.5], Twilight Highlands
Status Alive

Warlord Krogg is an orc initially located in Bilgewater Harbor who is part of the introductory quest for the Twilight Highlands. He later resides in that zone.

Garrosh Hellscream sends players to Krogg as part of the breadcrumb quests for the Twilight Highlands, and Krogg will have players help with the personnel issues he has been having of late. In Bilgewater Harbor, he will say different things depending on the level of the character. After the Twilight Highlands intro quest, he resides at the Krazzworks, but also appears for the assault on Grim Batol.


Bilgewater Harbor

Twilight Highlands


Gossip text to low-level characters in Bilgewater

Throm'ka, friend!

The Warchief has ordered me to assemble his greatest veterans for an assault on the Twilight Highlands.

You look like one tough <class>, but we need soldiers who are a bit more... battle-hardened. Perhaps someday you and I will fight side-by-side. Until then, continue your training!

Gossip text to level 80 characters in Bilgewater

Throm'ka, friend! It is good to see a fellow veteran of the Northrend campaign.

Rallying the troops in Bilgewater

Warlord Krogg says: We embark soon for distant shores, to hurl ourselves at the enemy homeland.
Warlord Krogg says: Our wrath will paint the highlands red - or whatever color our enemies bleed!
Warlord Krogg says: The eyes of Hellscream are upon you.
Warlord Krogg says: Show me what you've got!
Axebite Warriors cheer.

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