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Warmaster Blugthol

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MobWarmaster Blugthol
Image of Warmaster Blugthol
Title <Gorian Head Centurion>
Gender Male
Race Ogre (Humanoid)
Level 99 Rare
Health 397,505
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Gorian Empire
Occupation Centurion
Location Mar'gok's Overwatch, Nagrand
Status Killable

Warmaster Blugthol is an ogre located at the Mar'gok's Overwatch in Nagrand.


  • Defensive Stance - Enter a defensive stance, reducing damage taken by 25% for 30 sec.
  • Determination - Gain determination, increasing damage done by 25% for 15 sec.
  • Imperial Orders - Gains the power of the empire, making the caster immune to all disabling effects.
  • Massive Weapon - Reduced attack speed, increased weapon damage.
Weapon attacks cleave, dealing 50% of their damage to all units within 5 yards of the victim.
  • Precise Strike - Strike at an enemy in a vital location, inflicting 125% weapon damage as Physical and causing that enemy to bleed for additional Physical damage every 3 sec for 9 sec.


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