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NeutralWarmaul clan
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The Warmaul clan[1]/tribe[2] is a recently formed[3] group of ogres who primarily inhabit the Nagrand zone of Outland.


The first great technological innovation in ogre society was the concept of attaching a rock to the end of a very long stick to smash your enemies, rather than attempting to bash them with a rock held in your hand. The schism this innovation created amongst ogre society resolved itself only when the now-forgotten tribe broke in to the Warmaul and Boulderfist clans.[4]

Now, they are led by Cho'war the Pillager from their main base at Warmaul Hill in northwestern Nagrand. Mogor the Ogre leads those Warmaul ogres located at Laughing Skull Ruins in northern Nagrand.

Currently, the Warmaul ogres are fighting the Boulderfist ogres for territory within Nagrand. They are worshipping the corrupted earth elemental Gurok the Usurper[5] at their base at Warmaul Hill.

The orges of the Warmaul Clan used to be under the control of the gronn until Cho'war the Pillager supposedly forced the gronn out of the cave at Warmaul Hill and declared himself king.[6]

Known members

Name Role Status Location
NeutralIconSmall OgreLord.gif Cho'war the Pillager Leader Killable Warmaul Hill, Nagrand
NeutralIconSmall OgreMage.gif Mogor the Ogre Hero Killable Laughing Skull Ruins, Nagrand
NeutralIconSmall OgreMage.gif Zorbo the Advisor Killable Laughing Skull Ruins, Nagrand
NeutralIconSmall Ogre Male.gif Warmaul Chef Bufferlo Killable Warmaul Hill, Nagrand


  • Waterlogged Journal says that the clan existed in the past rather than being formed on Outland. This may only apply to the alternate Draenor.


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