Warpcaster Thwen

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MobWarpcaster Thwen
Image of Warpcaster Thwen
Gender Female
Race Nightborne (Humanoid)
Level 45
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Oculeth's Test Chamber, Suramar
Status Killable
Mentor(s) Oculeth

Warpcaster Thwen is a nightborne located at Oculeth's Test Chamber in Suramar. Thwen is a former pupil of Chief Telemancer Oculeth. She was able to to create a warp field, which warps, or destabilizes, the space surrounding her to act as a shield. Sometime after he was exiled, Thwen lead a raid to Oculeth's secret underground chambers to uncover the work of his telemancy magic. During the raid she was confronted by her former teacher and the adventurer. After Oculeth teleported them to an unusual cave in Suramar in which space and magic were unstable, which nullified her warp field, she was killed when she attempted to bend the magic to her will.

Oculeth has a low opinion of her, feeling that she took magic too lightly and didn't give its power the proper respect. He states she was a terrible student and likely knew she would ignore her circumstances, to lethal consequences.

Objective of


  • "An'ratha... an'tal-thandros!"
  • "Face it, old man. I have surpassed you."
  • "My warp field is not working! Where have you taken us?!"
  • "My, my. You look rather gaunt, honored teacher. Are you eating enough? Ahahaha!"
  • "No! This place... it must bend to my will!"
  • "You should be proud! Your handiwork is going to help us reclaim every corner of our ancient lands."

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