Warriors' Redemption

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HordeWarriors' Redemption

30 (Requires 28)




+250 Orgrimmar



Acquire 5 crates of  [Confiscated Arms] from Honor's Stand and re-equip 5 Stonetalon Prisoners. Use the nearby ropes to quickly sneak in and out of the Alliance camp.


Those that surrendered when Honor's Stand fell are no longer worthy of our Horde, <class>. But I'm not giving up on them yet. The prison tower below us is lightly guarded. Let's give those prisoners one final chance to die with honor.

I've set up ropes that will allow you to quickly clamber up and down the mountain. Slip down, acquire the confiscated weapons, and re-arm the prisoners inside the tower.

And <name>, stay by the tower! We're not yet equipped for an assault on the base proper.


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv bracer 78.png [Holgom's Bracers] Inv belt 87v3.png [Climbing Straps]
Inv jewelry ring 25.png [Ring of Reclaimed Honor]

You will also receive: 25s


It is a dangerous climb up and down the cliffs, but our ability to appear and disappear without warning is what will drive terror into the hearts of our foes.


From up here I got the perfect view of the havoc you just caused, <name>. Our lost brothers reclaimed some of their dignity, and the Alliance dogs were sent scrambling. Sharp work, my friend!

If the Alliance sleeps comfortably at night, we are not doing our job.

We will never let up.

We will never give in.


Talk with the Stonetalon Prisoners after acquiring the Confiscated Arms to free them.

My commander was butchered before my eyes - my brothers dead all around me - I could not fight on. I am so ashamed, <class>. I did not avenge them.


Do not look at me, <race>. I have disgraced the Horde. I am done.


No orc should ever flee from battle as I did. Leave me to my disgrace. Would that I would die in this tower, but I dread learning what my ancestors think of my cowardice.


We grunts were ordered to charge once more - into a wall of pikes - I could not do it, <class>. My weapon slid from my hands and my legs did not move.
I am dishonored.

Gossip I recovered your armor and weapons. Victory or death!


  1. H [30] Nura Pathfinder or H [30] Warchief's Command: Southern Barrens! (breadcrumbs)
  2. H [30] Clear the High Road
  3. H [30] Holdout at Hunter's Hill
    1. H [31] Put the Fear in Them
    2. H [31] The Low Road
    3. H [31] Stalling the Survey
  4. H [31] Signals in the Sky (to Camp Una'fe)

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