Warsong Shredder

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For the NPC formerly known as Warsong Shredder, see Goblin Deforester.

HordeWarsong Shredder
Image of Warsong Shredder
Race Shredder (Mechanical)
Level 21
Health 782
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Warsong clan
Location Warsong Lumber Camp, Ashenvale[88.0, 61.8]

Warsong Shredders are shredders that can be found around the Warsong Lumber Camp in Ashenvale.


  • Inv misc wrench 02.png  Hit it With a Wrench! — If you bang at the shredder in just the right place -- or for long enough -- you'll fix it for around 23 health. Cannot be used in combat or while moving.
  • Inv misc sawblade 01.png  Warsong Shredder Blade — Target a Horde Explosives barrel in order to destroy it. The blade can also be hurled at a Warsong Horde target in order to inflict 53 physical damage. Turns off loot and experience on the affected target. Cannot be used on a Warsong Horde target that is already tapped to another player.
  • Ability rogue sprint.png  Overdrive — Releases a burst of stored energy, increasing the speed of the Warsong Shredder and slowing the speed of all Warsong Horde enemies within 10 yards for 10 seconds.

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