Watch Your Step

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HordeWatch Your Step

18 (Requires 15)




10s (or 8s 40c at max level)




Receive 6 Energized charges from the Energy Conduits as you ascend to the top of the Arcane Pinnacle.


This is somewhat simple and somewhat not simple. All the way up there are Energy Conduits. Rather like this one right here one might say! Indeed, I do say.

Now for you. You must use my jump pads to ascend the pinnacle, and you must touch all of the conduits you see along the way. When you get to me at the top, you should be all juicy with energy, because really that's the only way to be.

And be sure to keep moving or you're likely to be sent for quite a trip!


You will be able to choose one of these rewards:
Inv chest cloth 31.png [Charged Robes] Inv bracer 05.png [Juicy Bracers]

You will also receive: 10s


It is in this moment that most of my apprentices wonder if there was a logical purpose to storing the energy for my portal in those conduits so that it has to be collected in such a fashion.

Of course there's a purpose! I wish to study your behavior... your strategies, your mistakes, your frustrations, your triumphs. Those are the entire point of these trials.

Now, more. More trials! Doesn't that sound exciting?! Of course it does.


Along with Xylem's other trials, a series of warnings flash across the screen with instructions. They say:

Spread across the ledge of the Arcane Pinnacle are 6 pedestals that will energize if touched.
Using the energy pads on the ground, ascend the Arcane Pinnacle, touching all of the pedestals along the way.
Keep moving or you will risk being hit by arcane detonations that will hurl you into the waters below.

If you get blown off the cliff, there is a jump gate at [55.4, 14.9] that will put you back up where the initial Image of Archmage Xylem is located. Additionally, the cliff side in this particular spot is molded to allow climbing up manually.

Do not forget to click the items along the way, including the first one next to Xylem's image, rather than simply hurrying to the top. You will not complete the quest this way.


  1. H [17] Azshara Blues
  2. H [17] Friends Come In All Colors
  3. Complete all of the following:
  4. H [17] Wash Out
  5. H [18] Dressed to Impress
  6. H [18] Renewable Resource / H [18] Shear Will / H [18] Waste of Thyme
  7. H [18] Trouble Under Foot / H [18] Manual Labor
  8. H [18] The Pinnacle of Learning
  9. H [18] Watch Your Step
  10. H [18] The Trial of Fire / H [18] The Trial of Frost / H [18] The Trial of Shadow
  11. H [18] Xylem's Asylum
  12. H [19] Wasn't It Obvious?
  13. H [19] Easy is Boring
  14. H [19] Turning the Tables
  15. H [19] Fade to Black / H [19] Ice Cold / H [19] Pro-liberation
  16. H [19] Farewell, Minnow

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