Watershed Patrol

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HordeWatershed Patrol

8 (Requires 4)




+350 Orgrimmar


4s 50c (or 5s 40c at max level)



Search the Southfury Watershed and help the people you saw in the spyglass.


My post is here on the tower, <name>, and I cannot leave it. I need someone to go out there and help the people who are still trapped in the river's overflow.

Can I count on you?


You will receive: 4s 50c (or 5s 40c at max level)


How goes your journey, <class>?


I used that trick you taught me with the spyglass, and I watched you running around down there. Quite impressive!

How'd you make the old woman fly, by the way?


In order to help these people you have to go to each of them and do their quests. The easiest way to go about this is to first go to Misha Tor'kren at [43.4, 40.6] and pick up H [8] Lost But Not Forgotten. On your way to Raggaran[42.6, 49.8], kill crocolisks for their teeth. Pick up his quests, kill quilboars around him and then move towards Zen'Taji[35.8, 41.4], if you haven't hit 250 crocolisk teeth, continue killing crocolisks. Do Zen'Taji's two quests, then turn in Misha's quest, and head back to Thonk.

The quest text has not been updated since the removal of the requirement to help Grandmatron Tekla in H [8] Spirits Be Praised. Due to this, the completion text "How'd you make the old woman fly, by the way?" no longer makes sense, and even the opening text tells you to help all the people you saw through the spyglass, which would include Grandmatron Tekla, as H [8] Lost in the Floods was also not updated.


  1. H [7] Meats to Orgrimmar (start of the flight path quest line)
    1. H [7] Ride to Orgrimmar
    2. H [7] Doras the Wind Rider Master
    3. H [7] Return to Razor Hill
  2. H [7] From Bad to Worse/H [7] Exploiting the Situation
  3. After H [7] Shipwreck Searching: H [8] Thonk
    1. H [8] Lost in the Floods
    2. H [8] Watershed Patrol

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