Wavestorm Totem

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This article contains information from the Trading Card Game which is considered non-canon.
Name Faction Supertype Type Talent Subtype Card

Neutral Wavestorm Totem Ability Restoration
Talent Professions Tags
Water Totem(1)
Rules Wavestorm Totem TCG Card.jpg

Full Art

Ongoing: When an opposing ability, ally, or equipment readies, put it into its owner's hand.
(Totems can be attacked or targeted like allies.)
"No matter how hard you try, the crashing tides will repel you." - Zorin of the Thunderhead
Race Class ATK type ATK Def Strike cost
Wavestorm Totem shares artwork with the Hearthstone card Mana Tide Totem.
Allowed Cost
Race Class Profession
Shaman 2
Set Number Rarity Artist Health
Fields of Honor 66/208 Common Scott Altmann 1