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This article contains lore taken from Warcraft novels, novellas, or short stories.
The Wavestrider.

The Wavestrider was an old trading ship converted from a small frigate and captained by Greydon Thorne, traversing Azeroth, landing in Alliance, Horde and neutral ports. She was a hundred feet long, had three masts, an iron bell, and its own dinghy but no cannons.


The crew was formed 4 years before the ship's destruction, two years after Greydon left his family in Lakeshire. Its crew consisted of 30 members and almost everyone had 5 years contracts, all except Makasa who joined two years and Aram who joined four years after the formation. Notably, It had three first mates, a quartermaster and a cook.

Its figurehead was carved by Anselm Yewtree on Greydon's extremely precise specifications also four years before the ship's destruction. Aram did not know what the figure was supposed to be, and if anyone else on the crew did then no one had admitted it. However as revealed by Aram's sketches, it was a figure of a naaru.

Some time after the discovery of Pandaria, it was blown and sunk on the Veiled Sea west of Feralas by Greydon's old enemy, Malus and his organization, the Hidden, after being betrayed by Jonas Cobb, the ship's cook. The only known survivors are the second mate Makasa Flintwill and Aramar Thorne, the cabin boy and Greydon's son.[1]


Main crew
Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Human Male.gif Greydon Thorne Alive Captain
IconSmall Dwarf Male.gif Durgan One-God Unknown First Mate
IconSmall Human Female.gif Makasa Flintwill Alive Second Mate
IconSmall Worgen Male.gifIconSmall Human Male.gif Joe Barker Unknown Third Mate
IconSmall Human Girl.gif Duan Phen Unknown Lookout
IconSmall Unknown.gif Thom Frakes Deceased Helmsman
IconSmall Unknown.gif Johnson Ribierra Deceased Boatswain
IconSmall Unknown.gif Mose Canton Deceased Quartermaster
IconSmall Human Male.gif Jonas Cobb (formerly) Deceased Cook
IconSmall Human Boy.gif Keelhaul "Keely" Watt Deceased Cook; Cook's assistant (formerly)
IconSmall Unknown.gif Mordis Ironwood Deceased Blacksmith
IconSmall Unknown.gif Anselm Yewtree Deceased Carpenter
IconSmall Unknown.gif Jahid Khan Deceased Cooper
IconSmall Unknown.gif Yakomo Hide Unknown Surgeon
IconSmall Human Boy.gif Aramar Thorne Alive Cabin Boy
Name Status Occupation
IconSmall Unknown.gif Cassius Meeks Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Desamir Ferrar Unknown Deckhand
IconSmall Human Female.gif Mary Brown Unknown Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Schuyler Li Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Black Max Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Crispus Trent Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Orley Post Unknown Deckhand
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif Cog Burnwick Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Colin O'Donagal Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Ainsley O'Donagal Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif James MacKillen Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Ahnko Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Willson Pariah Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Rose Haggard Deceased Deckhand
IconSmall Unknown.gif Quenton Miles Deceased Deckhand