Waxing Crescent

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NeutralWaxing Crescent

110 (Requires 110)




19g 40s



Rescue Vanthir and give him an Arcan'dor fruit.


His captor is familiar to me. He is one of Aluriel's lieutenants and a skilled spell-fencer at that. You will need Silgryn's help to retrieve the key to Vanthir's prison.

Our friend's life hangs in the balance. Even if we manage to wrestle him from the executioner's grasp, he may well Wither before we can act.

I need you to take an Arcan'dor fruit to him. They are precious, and few, but for Vanthir this is the only chance he has.

Go quickly, and good luck.


You will receive: 19g 40s


<Vanthir shudders violently and stares blankly ahead. He does not seem to be aware of your presence.>


<Vanthir's hands dart up to snatch the fruit from your grasp.>



On accept:

First Arcanist Thalyssra says: That took more out of me than I thought it would. You will have to free Vanthir without me. I am sorry.
Silgryn says: Fear not, First Arcanist. I will see to it that our friend here comes to no harm.
Silgryn says: I am sadly familiar with Vanthir's captor.
First Arcanist Thalyssra says: Thank you, Silgryn. Be careful.

Upon engaging Thoramir:

Thoramir says: You think to stop this demonstration? Very well. I will make an example of you first!
Silgryn, Arluelle and Victoire run to join the battle. As the women each engage a Spell-Fencer Adept, Silgryn continues unhindered to help you.
Silgryn says: Stay your blade, Thoramir!
Silgryn leaps into the fray.
Thoramir says: How good of you to join us, Silgryn. Aluriel sends her regards!
Thoramir says: You disappointed her, spell-fencer. You could have taken my place, if you had remained.
Silgryn says: I have a conscience. I serve the people of Suramar.
Thoramir says: Yet you raise your blades against us! You are nothing but a traitor!
Having finished off their mobs, Arluelle and Victoire run up.
Thoramir says: Accept your fate, Silgryn! You are outmatched!
The women join the battle.
Silgryn says: Perhaps, but I am not alone.

Upon killing Thoramir:

Thoramir says: She... was right... about you...
Thoramir falls dead at Silgryn's feet.
Silgryn says: I know.
The three hurry off in the direction they came.
Silgryn says: We should not linger. Let us see to Vanthir now.

Loot  [Thoramir's Control Orb] from his corpse, then go to the other end of the path where Silgryn, Arluelle and Victoire have spawned by Vanthir's cell. Victoire is guarding their backs as the other two face the cell. Click on the Containment Field to free Vanthir.

Silgryn says: Lay still, my friend. We will get you out.
Arluelle says: He will be fine. The fruit will bring him back.

On complete:

Vanthir struggles to his feet.
He eats the fruit. His trembling voice calms as his arcwine hunger goes away.
Vanthir says: Relief... at last...
He steps out of the Containment Field.
Vanthir says: Aran'ethil... The nightmare is over!
Silgryn says: Welcome back, old friend.


  1. N [110] Insurrection: Waxing Crescent (optional)
  2. N [110] A Message From Ly'leth
  3. N [110] Tavernkeeper's Fate
  4. N [110] Essence Triangulation
  5. N [110] On Public Display
  6. N [110] Waxing Crescent
  7. N [110] Sign of the Dusk Lily (grants Waxing Crescent achievement credit)
  8. N [110] Stabilizing Suramar

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