Waycrest Manor

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For the achievement, see [Waycrest Manor].
Waycrest Manor
Waycrest Manor loading screen.jpg
Waycrest Manor loading screen.
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Waycrest Manor is a dungeon in Battle for Azeroth. It is the home and seat of House Waycrest, located at the northwestern cliffs of Drustvar.

Waycrest Manor exterior.

Adventure Guide

Once the palatial estate of the[sic] Drustvar's ruling family, Waycrest Manor now serves as the focus of dark rumors since the Lord and Lady inexplicably locked themselves within its halls. Stories of foul rituals, people disappearing in the night, and horrible screams coming from within the home are common among the townsfolk. Amid all these whispers, only one thing is known, something evil has taken root within the Waycrest grounds.

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Bosses Monsters NPCs
The Grand Foyer
The Gallery
Waycrest Manor
Banquet Hall
The Hunting Lodge
The Cellar
The Rupture


Boss Item Type
IconSmall Witch.gifIconSmall Witch.gifIconSmall Witch.gif Heartsbane Triad Jagged Iris Sica Intellect dagger
Solena's Watchful Collection Intellect off-hand
Soulwarped Vambraces Plate bracers
Bracers of Dreadful Maladies Leather bracers
Twisted Sisters Handwraps Cloth gloves
Girdle of Burgeoning Apathy Plate belt
Nettle-Scarred Greaves Mail leggings
Blight Toadskin Leggings Leather leggings
Bramble Looped Boots Mail boots
IconSmall WickerGolem.gif Soulbound Goliath Sinister Wicker Talons Agility fist weapon
Drust-Thatched Wristwraps Cloth bracers
Thornshaper Mitts Mail gloves
 [Hound-Jowl Waistband] Leather belt
Petrified Wickerplate Greaves Plate leggings
 [Thornwoven Band] Ring
Balefire Branch Trinket
IconSmall PigMan.gif Raal the Gluttonous Servant Splitter Strength one-hand Axe
Raal's Bib Cloak
Slaughterhouse-Chain Bracers Mail bracers
Grubby Servant-Grabbers Leather gloves
Bloodstained Sous Chef Pants Cloth leggings
Fatty Hooves of Gory Comfort Plate boots
Gore-Crusted Butcher's Block Trinket
IconSmall LordWaycrest.gifIconSmall Hag.gif Lord and Lady Waycrest Soulcharmber's Bludgeon Agility one-hand mace
Risen Lord's Oversized Gauntlets Plate gloves
 [Waistguard of Deteriorating Grace] Mail belt
 [Belt of Undying Devotion] Cloth belt
Moss-Covered Wingtip Shoes Leather boots
Lord Waycrest's Signet Ring
Lady Waycrest's Music Box Intellect trinket
IconSmall GorakTul.gif Gorak Tul Blightreaper Agility two-hand staff
Soulscarred Headgear Azerite mail helmet
Soulfuel Headdress Azerite cloth helmet
Pauldrons of the Horned Horror Azerite plate shoulders
Gorak Tul's Mantle Azerite leather shoulders
Amice of the Returned Azerite cloth shoulders
Breastpalte of the Vengeful Azerite plate chest
Deathslaver's Hauberk Azerite mail chest
Raiment of the Blighted Tribe Azerite leather chest


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