We Need An Outpost

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AllianceWe Need An Outpost
Thaelin and the drafting table

93 (Requires 92)




18g 90s


Lumber Mill: A [93] Deeproot, A [92] Tangleheart
Sparring Arena: B [93] Rage and Wisdom, B [93] A Rediscovered Legend
Both: A [93] Rangari in the Red


The selection UI

Use the Drafting Table to craft a Lumber Yard or a Sparring Arena.

  • Building selected


Commander, we've gathered enough materials to build an outpost that will support our misison against the Iron Horde.

How shall we proceed?

A lumber yard would be valuable for gathering resources in the dense overgrowth to the south, and in confronting the primal plant monstrosities that defend it.

On the other hand, a sparring arena would provide us the brutish forces we'd need to push through the magnaron wastelands to the north.

When you're ready, make your choice on the table.


You will receive: 18g 90s


Buildin' an outpost out here requires a certain kind o' crazy.


Well, that is one thing ta pick. Tell you what, you get this building up and running at full steam and I'll see if I can't adapt these blueprints to work for the space in your garrison.


  • 21150 XP


Interact with the Drafting Table next to Thaelin to construct the Highpass Logging Camp or the Highpass Sparring Ring:

Highpass Logging Camp
The Highpass Logging Camp will allow for operations in the jungle overgrowth of southern Gorgrond.
Once fully operational, the Highpass Logging Camp grants the use of [Summon Mechastrider 5000] within Gorgrond.
Highpass Sparring Ring
The Highpass Sparring Ring will allow for operations in the brutal wastelands of northern Gorgrond.
Once fully operational, the Highpass Sparring Ring grants the use of [Champion's Honor] within Gorgrond.
  • Spell holy championsbond.png  Champion's Honor — Summons an Arena Champion to fight by your side for 1 min. When the champion departs, you will gain an enhancement improving your combat skills while in Gorgrond. The more enemies you kill while the champion is present, the stronger this enhancement will be.

Whichever option is selected, players gain an innkeeper and a flight path at Highpass and have access to A [93] Rangari in the Red.

This completes the "We Need An Outpost" chapter of Horde [Putting the Gore in Gorgrond]. The Gorgrond storyline continues with A [93] Deeproot and A [92] Tangleheart for the Lumber Mill option, or A [93] Rage and Wisdom and A [93] A Rediscovered Legend for the Sparring Arena option.


  1. A [93] The Secrets of Gorgrond
  2. A [93] Welcome to Gorgrond
  3. Complete all of:
  4. Complete both:
  5. A [93] We Need An Outpost

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