Weary-Eyed Mourner

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AllianceWeary-Eyed Mourner
Image of Weary-Eyed Mourner
Race(s) Draenei, Dwarf, Human, Worgen, Night elf
Level 5
Health 164
Reaction Alliance Horde
Location Stormwind City
Status Alive
Achievements zone brokenshore.png

The subject of this article or section takes place just prior to or during the Battle for Broken Shore, leading to the Broken Isles invasion.

Weary-Eyed Mourners consist of various Alliance races and different character classes that can be found in Stormwind City, particularly at the Stormwind Keep. They appear after the adventurer has returned from the Broken Shore, and are mourning the death of Varian Wrynn.

Many of them looks like the various Lunarfall followers. Fargo Flintlocke being a possible follower, he may also appear among the mourners. One version looks like Nikova Raskol.

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