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Well Armed

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NeutralWell Armed

85 (Requires 85)


4g 13s 50c


The quest Well Armed is part of the Firelands Invasion. This is a breadcrumb quest leading you back to Ricket and Damek Bloombeard.


Speak to Ricket at Malfurion's Breach.


Ricket should be at Malfurion's Breach with Damek, as you requested. I'm not sure you fully know what you're getting into with those two though.

Speaking of which, you should probably go check on them... make sure they haven't managed to blow up the Sentinel Tree itself. As long as you keep them busy with the elementals, the chances of "accidents" at the breach should lessen dramatically.


Hey you! good to see you again!

I'm settled in good and fine, actually! It's good to be with good old Damek again. I never thought I'd be mixing with a dwarf so well, but he and I, we've got like minds on all the important stuff.

You go do your thing. Don't be worrying about us. If we cook up any good toys for you, we'll be sure to let ya know!


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