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Ability shawaterelemental split.png
  • Wellspring
  • Level 100 Restoration shaman talent
  • 30 yd range
  • 35% of base mana
  • 20 sec cooldown
  • 1.5 sec cast
  • Creates a surge of water that flows forward, healing all friendly targets in a wide arc in front of you for (450% of spell power).
Usable by



20 seconds

Other information
Level learned


Wellspring is a level 100 Restoration shaman talent.

Patches and hotfixes

  • Legion Patch 7.2.5 (2017-06-13): Wellspring cost reduced by 43%.
  • Legion Patch 7.1.5 (2017-01-10): Healing increased to 450% (was 375%).
  • Hotfix (2016-08-26): "
    • Wellspring now heals for 375% of Spell Power (was 300%).
    • Wellspring heals for 25% of normal value on full-health targets, if it has more than 6 targets."
Developers’ notes: This does not reduce Wellspring's effective (non-overheal) healing. In the future we plan to find a different solution, but we felt it was it was better to address the interaction between Wellspring overhealing and Cloudburst Totem now, rather than wait to change it after it got more use.

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