Weng the Merciful

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NeutralWeng the Merciful
Image of Weng the Merciful
Title <The Golden Lotus>
Gender Male
Race Pandaren (Humanoid)
Level 90
Health 393,000
Reaction Alliance Horde
Affiliation(s) Golden Lotus
Location Golden Terrace, Shrine of Two Moons [63.2, 22.5]
Status Alive

Weng the Merciful is a representative of the Golden Lotus sent to the Shrine of Two Moons to enlist Horde aid. He is a plump, soft-spoken pandaren who has become a fixture at the shrine.[1]

Bleeding Sun

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Weng is part of a contingent from the Golden Lotus sent to the Shrine of Two Moons to seek a new guardian among the children there, and assists Zhi the Harmonious in performing a "simple test" involving the use of a special gong to find the child. When one of Sunwalker Dezco's children is chosen by Chi Ji, Dezco decides to return with his children to Mulgore, declining the order's expectations. When the order learns of Dezco's departure through the embattled Vale, a small party comprising Weng, Rook and Mokimo the Strong is sent to intercept Dezco, in order to protect him and his children. The party encounters Dezco travelling with a group of refugees, and Weng helps feed the group as they spend the night between villages. Later that night the group is attacked by quilen, and Weng assists in the defense of the group, with Mokimo sending him to wake the refugees and hitch the carts in preparation of a speedy escape. When Mokimo and Rook move to attend to the mogu responsible to the attack, Weng remains behind to protect the refugees.



The Golden Lotus is charged with defending the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
If you wish to help us, speak to Zhi the Harmonious or Leven Dawnblade at the Golden Pagoda.
  • Gossip How can I help The Golden Lotus?
    • The Vale of Eternal Blossoms is in great danger, <race>.
      The ancient mogu tribes, once scattered across the land, have reunited. For reasons unknown, they seek to enter the Vale and take its powers by force.
      From what we have seen so far, they attack a vulnerable section of the Vale each day, looking for weaknesses.
      Should they succeed in their attack, then the Vale will fall. If we do not hold them back, they will push to the palace gates themselves.
    • There is nothing left to be done for the Vale at this time, <name>. The mogu disappeared shortly after you killed their leader. We are safe, thanks to you.
  • Gossip Will I be rewarded for helping to defend the Vale?
Of course. It is only fair that we reward those who risk their lives for our cause.
By helping to defend the Vale, you will not only keep our borders safe, but you will also gain access to our vast stores of powerful treasures.
Gossip Where can I find the Golden Lotus Quartermaster?
Ah, you seek Jaluu the Generous! He can be found walking around the steps of the Mogu'shan Palace, here in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms.
I will mark his location on the map for you.

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