What? What? In My Gut...?

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AllianceWhat? What? In My Gut...?
Start Private Pollard [64.0, 59.8]
End Private Pollard [64.0, 59.8]
Level 81 (Requires 80)
Category Kelp'thar Forest
Experience 27700
Previous N [81] Wake of Destruction
For the Horde version, see H [81] What? What? In My Gut...?.


Collect 7 Wiggleweed Sprouts from the Holding Pens.


Wha... what IS this?

There's great pain growing... from deep in my bowels.

I think... ugh... they must have poisoned me!

They fed us strangely glowing seaweed that they grow around their stronghold...

I think these cramps will worsen if I don't get more soon...

Please, <race>. Try to find me some!


Were you able to find me any of their seaweed, <race>?


Yes, yes. This is the stuff.

Maybe I can gradually eat less of it and avoid that side-effect.

Thank you, <name>.


Pick up B [81] Decompression and N [81] Come Hell or High Water before heading out. Take note of the Naga Tridents at [60.4, 69.8] between the grotto and the clutch proper. They start N [81] How Disarming.

Shimmerspine Harvesters and any Zin'jatar naga could have the Wiggleweed on them.

Before heading back to the grotto to turn in, complete N [81] Come Hell or High Water automatically by killing the 12 naga and pick up Erunak's quest N [81] The Warden's Time. Kill Warden Azjakir, then head back to the grotto.


  1. N [81] A Desperate Plea
  2. N [81] Undersea Sanctuary
  3. B [81] Spelunking
  4. B [81] Debriefing
  5. N [81] Wake of Destruction
  6. N [81] Come Hell or High Water
  7. N [81] The Warden's Time

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