What the Draenei Found

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NeutralWhat the Draenei Found

95 (Requires 94)




13g 40s


N [95] Pyrophobia



Examine the Ancient Prism in the Aruuna Crystal Mine.


They came here for an artifact? The miners must have found something in our crystal mine to the north.

By the Light, can you imagine how powerful that thing must be, to attract them all the way here from their spires?

I suppose it is in their hands now... You'd have to be crazy to go looking for it...

On accept

Raksi says: You're going after it?! Suit yourself. I am getting out of here!


You will receive: 13g 40s


Head northeast to the Aruuna Crystal Mine, killing winged arakkoa along the way.

Adherent Wing-Guard says: Bah! I loathe caves; I can barely see a thing down here.
Adherent Wing-Guard says: Agreed. And it reeks of the low races.

After entering the main mine chamber:

Adherent Squallbringer yells: Scour the room! Check every corner and shadow, and do not move the artifact until we can be certain it is safe.

Don't take the rail bridge across, but look to the south to find a fallen rock that bridges across the ravine and points right at the Ancient Prism. Interact with it:

<The prism hums with energy. It could be salvaged, thought the strange machine it once powered - perhaps a devastating weapon, or some kind of depraved torture device - looks to be completely ruined.>

Raksi spawns behind you.
Raksi says: So, this is what they were after... Thank you for clearing the way.


I was worried my little act wouldn't fool you, but you played your role perfectly.

In fact, I would like to ask for your help again.

On complete

Raksi says: That is quite enough of this illusion, I think.
Shadows engulf your mind as the illusion shatters!
The screen shimmers and gradually darkens as two Arakkoa Outcasts appear.
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Ahh, much better.
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Destroy that wretched prism! We cannot risk it falling into their hands.
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Now just relax, <name>. You and I are going to have a chat.
The Outcasts approach the crystal and start attacking it as the player's vision fades to complete black.
A loading screen appears, and the player wakes up in Terokkar Refuge with Iskar and the two Outcasts waiting. The player gets up and the Outcasts walk off.
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Forgive my deception. I had to appeal to your sympathy to play you against Kairyx.
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: I half-expected him to vaporize you, but you dispatched him quite handily. An impressive display...
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Though... it was your decision to enter the mine that truly piqued my interest. Your desire to reveal the truth behind the attack.
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: Fearlessly delving into the unknowable. Seeking answers in the dark...
Shadow-Sage Iskar says: I am Iskar. And now that you have become acquainted with the arakkoa, I wonder if you might aid me in subverting them.



  1. N [94] As the Smoke Rises (optional breadcrumb)
  2. N [95] Pyrophobia
  3. N [95] What the Draenei Found
  4. N [95] Kura's Vengeance

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