When All Is Aligned

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NeutralWhen All Is Aligned

96 (Requires 96)




Item level 582 weapons
13g 80s


N [96] On Ebon Wings



Fly upon Ka'alu and slay 70 Adherents and direct your troops to capture 3 Rukhmar's Light Alignment Controls.

  • Adherents slain × 70
  • Alignment Controls Captured × 3


Our assault upon the Terrace of Dawn is not going to be easy, <name>. The defenders are great in number and they zealously guard their control of the beam of light.

Thankfully, we have a goddess on our side.

With her help we can break through the defenders and send our landing teams to capture the alignment controls.

Victory is almost in our grasp! I can't wait to pen the story of your actions into my scrolls!

On accept:

Reshad says: Speak with Ka'alu when you are ready to fly.


You will receive one of:

Item level 582 weapons
Inv sword 1h draenorquest b 01.png [Talon Guard Shortblade] Inv axe 1h draenorquest95 b 01.png [Talon Guard Wingclipper]
Inv mace 1h draenorquest95 b 02.png [Talon Guard Cudgel] Inv mace 2h draenorquest95 b 01.png [Talon Guard Wingsmasher]
Inv bow 1h draenorquest95 b 01.png [Talon Guard Bow] Inv knife 1h draenorquest95 b 01.png [Talon Guard Dagger]
Inv polearm 2h draenorquest95 b 01.png [Talon Guard Glaive] Inv staff 2h draenorquest95 b 02.png [Talon Guard Staff]

You will also receive: 13g 80s


You've done so much more for us than I could have ever dreamed possible, <name>.

The Adherents' threat to our home is broken. Our battle is not yet over but we can rest a little easier now.

Percy and I want to give you something as a token of our thanks. It's not much but please, take your reward.


  • 14500 XP


Speak with Ka'alu:

<A voice fills your thoughts.>
We must hurry before the children of Rukhmar can regroup their forces.
Gossip I am ready to fly, Ka'alu.

On Ka'alu, the player has access to two abilities:

  1. Screech 100 yd range — Screech to send a powerful blast of sonic waves at a target. Instant
  2. Designate Target 200 yd range — Designate a location for an ally to attack. (2 sec cooldown)

Control the screech target by holding down the right mouse button and moving the camera about, while spamming 1. To designate a target, hit 2, then left-click on the ground next to one of the devices on a flat platform. Intro

Reshad says: We need to capture those alignment controls.
Ka'alu says: My cries will rattle your enemies like thunder. Guide my aim and strike them down!

During the quest

  • Reshad says: It's no good, they're dying out there! Clear a path for them!
  • Reshad says: Reinforcements! Clear them out!

After hitting both quotas:

Reshad says: It looks like everyone is in position. Ka'alu, give the signal and get us out of here!

This completes the "When the Raven Swallows the Day" chapter of [Between Arak and a Hard Place], and the main portion of the Spires of Arak storyline. At level 98, the Nagrand storyline begins with News From Nagrand. Also, Reshad offers one last quest, sending players into the Skyreach dungeon, in N [97D] Victory is Within Reach.


  1. N [96] Cult of the Ravenspeakers
  2. N [96] To the... Rescue?
  3. N [96] The High Ravenspeaker
  4. N [96] Rendezvous with the Ritualists
  5. Complete both:
  6. Complete all of:
  7. N [96] The Initiate's Revenge
  8. N [96] Call of the Raven Mother
  9. N [96] On Ebon Wings
  10. N [96] When All Is Aligned

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