Where Art Thou, My Sweet

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NeutralWhere Art Thou, My Sweet

110 (Requires 110)



Help to maintain Doloria's "illusion" and ask around the Inn to see where Doloria disappeared to.


What poor fate! Here we are with the jewelry to buy my beloved's freedom, and she has disappeared! We must require the patrons of this fine establishment. Perhaps they know what befell her.


You will gain these followers:


Well, she has been taken, but we shall never rest, join me as my follower, lead my troops, perform missions for me! Together we will find her!


Quest accept
Maximillian starts to going around. At first, he goes to the inn counter to ask to Bonegrim.
Maximillian of Northshire says: Pardon me, good sir, have you seen my Doloria?
Maximillian goes to the libraries located next to the western entrance.
Maximillian of Northshire says: Hmm, perhaps she's behind here...
Maximillian goes to the back of the room.
Maximillian of Northshire says: Aha! A clue! No, just some dust.
Maximillian comes back to the inicial point.
Maximillian of Northshire says: She is nowhere to be found. She must have been taken once more!
Asking Ol' Toomba
Ol' Toomba says: Ya must be blinder than a pirate with two eye patches.
Asking Emilia Baumoon
Emilia Baumoon says: Umm, isn't her with the mask? Oh wait, right yes, no, haven't seen her.
Asking Crixa
Crixa says: Hey Doloria, this ones looking for ya.
Doloris says: Be quiet Crixa!


  1. N Paladin [110] Seek Me Out
  2. N Paladin [110] Kneel and Be Squired!
  3. Complete all of:
  4. N Paladin [110] Oh Doloria, My Sweet Doloria
  5. N Paladin [110] A Fool's Errand
  6. N Paladin [110] Where Art Thou, My Sweet

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